Guidelines you will need to know

Please read and understand these Guidelines BEFORE you turn in your application!

  • Guidelines for Applying: No Application Fee. Complete the application and return quickly with supporting documentation. If needed, complete the co-signer form and return quickly with a current credit report/score. Remember, communication is key!
  • Guidelines for Moving In: Security Deposit monies are to be paid in a guaranteed form such as money order or cashier's check. It is recommended that you pre-plan for your utilities, if you are responsible for payment; make contact early with the utility provider and discuss/arrange for services. Complete the move-in inspection checklist and return it within 10 days of your move-in date.
  • Guidelines for Maintenance: Report all maintenance concerns. If you have other concerns pertaining to the property, call me, we can discuss/work to resolve.
  • Guidelines for Giving Notice: Your 30 day notice of intent to vacate must be submitted in written form. For units with multiple tenants, please be sure to indicate if all tenants are vacating or if only you are vacating. It is recommended that you call to confirm receipt of the written notice, which is a good time to discuss your pro-rated rent due and ask any questions that you may have.
  • Guidelines for Moving Out: Remember to provide a forwarding address. Once you have moved all personal property completely out, walk thru again, slowly and check all drawers/cabinets/cupboards. Cleaning--if it is your dirt, clean it! Repairs--if you caused damage to the property, call me to discuss avenues to remedy.